Technology Implementation

Selecting the right technology tools to fit your needs and budget can be an almost impossible task for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). Enterprise IT solutions may not be geared to fit your budget and size but consumer grade equipment won’t cut it either. Creative solutions and implementation of key technologies can improve the ROI of your technology spend and keep your business running smoothly. That’s where we come in!

Our extensive vendor partnerships allow us to get you the best prices on technology, design non-cookie cutter solutions and create the environment that works best for your business. And we don’t keep a dime! All proceeds from vendor sales go towards our non-profit to empower future communities.

We can help you implement the technologies your business needs including:


We’ll help you securely implement the cloud or hybrid cloud solutions that are right for your business.


We can help implement that tools that make it possible for you to have continuous access to your data when you need it.


Every device is an entry point to the network, we’ll help you make sure each and every one is locked down and protected.

Logging & Monitoring

We’ll help you implement the tools necessary to track and audit user behavior, network activity and get ahead of intrusion attempts.

Network & Data

We will work with you to select and implement the right network and data storage design and devices for your business needs.

Access Control

Implement the tools to ensure access is granted only to those who are authorized to view information, make changes or access applications.

Spam & Email

Protect your network from known or recognized email attacks and control spam.

IT Service Delivery

Implement tools that make delivery of support services easier and more effective.

Backup & Recovery

We’ll help implement the technology and processes for backup and recovery of important data and applications.

Asset Management

Implement tools to track technology assets, important renewals and stay on top of business needs.

Patch & Update Management

Make sure your environment stays secure with tools to manage the patching and updating of hardware and software.

Perimeter Security

Keep the outside world away from the inside of your network with devices and applications meant to keep your network sealed and protected.

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