SecurITy Program Implementation

SecurITy starts with people and processes: all of the technology in the world can’t save you from insecure practices! Creating a SecurITy Strategy starts at the top and needs to become a part of the entire organization and its culture. We will help you define the roles, responsibilities and put in place the framework to transform your IT from reactive to proactive. That’s the beauty of SecurITy!

We can help you define and set up all aspects of a SecurITy program including:

Roles & Responsibilities

Define who is responsible for managing risks and making decisions.

Policies, Standards & Procedures

Define acceptable practices, expectations and the guidelines for SecurITy practices in your organization.

Risk Management Framework

Define how your organization will handle and manage risk over time to keep your business running smoothly.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & Incident Response Processes

Help your business to run 24/7 with processes for handling incidents and disasters that threaten continuity.

Change Management Processes

Track and manages any major changes or updates to your environment and applications to avoid unexpected side effects.

Project Initiation Procedures

Make sure new projects meet business goals, create ROI for the business and won’t cause unexpected problems with the environment.

Vendor Contract Management

Set up processes to ensure your vendor relationships meet your SecurITy standards and adhere to your business goals.

Backup & Restore Processes

Don’t be caught without a backup! Make sure your backup and recovery practices protect you from lost data.

IT Service Delivery

Create harmony between your end users and IT support staff, reduce the drain on support and empower your users.

Asset Management Procedures

Make sure you know, and can track, everything you need to about the devices and applications in your environment.

We understand how small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) work, and that no two are alike, so we help you adapt these SecurITy practices to best fit into your business. All of our solutions are customized to individual clients and we can mix and match our services to fit your needs and align with your business’ strategy and goals. Make your IT work for you, instead of the other way around!

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