The Kalki Story

We understand that today’s connected world brings new challenges for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) – particularly when it comes to IT issues. Our customers expect more effective, efficient and transparent ways of doing business with their customers, but their visibility continues to make them equally as vulnerable to cyber incidents and unforeseen events. They’ve looked for the right advice, but they find that the kind of protection they need comes with a big price tag.

We founded Kalki Consulting to give everyone fair access to affordable, expert security advice and training. Our passion for serving the underserved runs deep. We were founded by a US immigrant, turned entrepreneur who experienced first-hand, and then overcame, the challenges of adversity.


A new approach to Information Security Consulting

While rising through the ranks of a Big 4 IT consultancy, our founder realized small businesses couldn’t afford the protection and strategic guidance that the big corporations were able to receive. At the same time he also realized that there were tremendous efficiencies to be gained from traditional IT consulting practices. With that in mind he set out to design solutions that would help small to mid-size companies attain their goals faster, cheaper and better.

Now, three years later, Kalki has built an efficient, passionate, world-class team of experts. We’re based in both the US and the UK and are strategically aligned with an even larger global network of trusted security consultants. Today, we A.R.M. hundreds of employees, across a range of industries with the right strategies, tools and skills they need to be secure.

Every day, around the clock, we help hundreds of employees, across a range of industries, protect their companies, their clients and their business relationships.

With Kalki Consulting, you’re protected.

See what our clients are saying.

“[Because of Kalki,] I learned that our reliance on our internal resource was unfounded and reliance on our vendor was business impacting. I didn’t know the line between my internal and external resources. Kalki has enabled us to relate our technology environment, and gaps to our business issues. If we just outsourced everything again we’d be in the same place again.”

CFO, Mid-Sized Company

“While I am the executive committee leader responsible for all technology, some issues we face are far too technical to be handled internally. For that reason we continue to seek the strategic advice of Kalki’s highly qualified experts in the IT field.”

Director of Operations, Mid-Sized Company

More from our clients

“Kalki’s report was candid and comprehensive in its criticism of the way we have managed technology. It was sobering for sure but energizing at the same time because once and for all we have a comprehensive evaluation of where we are, where the vulnerabilities are and the basis for creating a roadmap out of this situation.”

CEO, Mid-Sized Company

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