Cyber Risk & Compliance Assessments

Unforeseen changes in regulation, natural disasters and cyber-related incidents can take a massive toll on your small-to-medium sized business (SMB). You can’t afford to have the lights off. Not for a minute.

Kalki’s Cyber Risk & Compliance Assessments can identify business roadblock and develop a plan to get your business back up and running and keep it that way. Whether it’s a regulatory requirement, disaster or cyber-related incident, we’ll help you assess what you need to quickly and effectively get your business back up and running. And without breaking the bank.

Our Information Security Assessments

No two businesses are alike so we offer multiple different assessments to fit varying needs. Learn more about our different assessments and figure out which ones your business needs.

Strategic Analysis

Learn if your technology strategy aligns to your business goals and if you are getting the most ROI out of your IT.

Compliance Risk Assessments

Get more granular and figure out exactly where the risks are in your business, measured against industry regulations (e.g. PCI or HIPAA) and standards (e.g. NIST or ISO).

High Level Technology Security Assessment

Get a big picture understanding of the risks in your business and what you should address right away.

Personnel Security Awareness Testing

Measure high-risk staff behavior and learn what your employees are doing to contribute to your security problems.

Vulnerability Assessment

Learn where in your IT environment your technology is leaving you open to risks.

Penetration Testing

Find out where the holes are in your network and how attackers can get in.

Our information security assessments help businesses answer the following questions:


  • How can I reduce downtime and keep business running smoothly?
  • Is your technology strategy in line with your business goals and objectives?
  • What is the organization’s culture toward technology?
  • How can you reduce the cost of IT and/or increase the ROI of your current technology?


  • Can my network be accessed by people I don’t want?
  • Am I leaving my technology open to attack?
  • Do I have control of who has access to what inside of the business?
  • Am I wasting money on technology?
  • Why am I experiencing downtime on my important business applications?


  • Are my end users putting me at risk?
  • Do my employees know how to properly handle the business’ data?
  • Do I have the technical expertise I need on my team?
  • Do I have the necessary processes in place to manage technology?

Need help determining which information security assessments are right for you? Let us help.


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