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Education & Awareness Guide This guide will help you select the basic starting blocks of an Employee Education & Awareness program including best communication methods, topics to cover, measurement and improvement of the program.
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Adobe Flash Memory Issue Versions 9.0 through are affected by what’s called a use-after-free vulnerability, essentially a flaw in the way the program uses and frees memory…

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What would cyber warfare look like? Yesterday three very large and prominent fortune 50 companies, NYSE, United Airlines and the Wall Street journal all reported “technical glitches” that resulted in impacts to normal business operations… At what cost?…
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“[Because of Kalki,] I learned that our reliance on our internal resource was unfounded and reliance on our vendor was business impacting. I didn’t know the line between my internal and external resources. Kalki has enabled us to relate our technology environment, and gaps to our business issues. If we just outsourced everything again we’d be in the same place again.” CFO, Mid-Sized Company

“While I am the executive committee leader responsible for all technology, some issues we face are far too technical to be handled internally. For that reason we continue to seek the strategic advice of Kalki’s highly qualified experts in the IT field.” Director of Operations, Mid-Sized Company

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“Kalki’s report was candid and comprehensive in its criticism of the way we have managed technology. It was sobering for sure but energizing at the same time because once and for all we have a comprehensive evaluation of where we are, where the vulnerabilities are and the basis for creating a roadmap out of this situation.” CEO, Mid-Sized Company

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