Access Control

Do you know who has access to your data? Who has privileges to change or manipulate your key systems? We will help you assess who has access and put in place tools (or update your existing tools) to manage that access. We will make sure that only the proper users, both internal and external, have administrative access to the network and ensure that duties are properly separated.

We also know how many passwords you and each of your company’s employees must juggle on a daily basis. How many of those passwords are weak? When up to 80% of corporate security incidents can be linked back to the use of weak passwords, there’s a pretty big incentive to fix those weak passwords. We can help implement company-wide password safe tools that help your staff keep track of individual and shared passwords as well as empower them with the tools to create those strong passwords they need!

On top of all that, you have to worry about how people connect to your network. Are the methods used to communicate between multiple sites set up to control access to information? What about the methods used by mobile or home workers to connect to the network? We can help you set up the technology to make sure these connections are made safely and securely!

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