Project Initiation Procedures

No project (technology or otherwise) should be started without a full understanding of the goals, outcomes and effects that project will have on the business. Nobody wants to be pulled in a million different strategic directions by multiple competing projects. Don’t waste a cent: project initiation procedures make sure all of your technology dollars are moving your business toward its strategic objectives while allowing non-technical decision makers to accurately assess and approve (or deny) new project requests.

Our project initiation procedures will help your staff answer all of the W’s and H’s for every project before it is launched:

  • Who will be affected by the project?
  • What systems will be affected (or require changes)?
  • Why is the project necessary?
  • When will the project start and complete?
  • How much will the project cost?
  • How will the project be completed (i.e plan of action)?

Take control of your technology strategy.

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