Cyber Security Strategy

We always look at today’s regulatory and compliance mandates but also help you stay protected tomorrow. Kalki’s Cyber SecurITy Strategy will partner with you to identify and solutions to preempt issues that could lead to data breaches, critical outages and compliance to regulations.  We work with you to develop the appropriate strategy for your size and can train everyone in your organization so you stay protected, 24/7.  Get your business’ Cyber Strategy up and running so you can focus on your business! Kalki customers are partnered with a dedicated Executive Risk Advisor who can assesses and respond with the right knowledge, skills and tools.

Figure out what you need to have.

SecurITy Assessments

Our assessments help identify the root causes of your information technology issues.
Improve what you have already.

SecurITy Program Implementation

We’ll help implement the processes, procedures and policies needed for a SecurITy program.

Education & Awareness

Training programs for employees of all levels and awareness campaigns to get your business thinking SecurITy.
Add what you may need.

Technology Implementation

We will help and support implementation of SecurITy technology tools.
Why choose Kalki?

  • International team of experienced, passionate, world-class, certified Security experts (C|CISO, CIPP, CISSP, CHFI, ITIL, GSEC)
  • Custom solutions tailored to both your needs and your budget
  • Dedicated Risk Advisors and a global 24/7 response team on hand and standing by
  • Extensive vendor partnerships so we can design a non-cookie cutter solution that works best for you
  • Vendor objectivity – all proceeds from vendor sales go towards our non-profit to empower future communities
  • Values based culture – We live and die by our values of integrity, results and community
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