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SecurITy Access and Continuity

SecurITy access and continuity of service allows executives to easily keep track of who’s accessing the networks, systems, and, most importantly, data that keeps their business alive. Our Executive Risk Advisors can work with you to determine who needs access to sensitive information, how they will access it, and what needs to be done in the event of an incident.

We will make sure that only the proper users, both internal and external, have administrative access to the network and ensure that duties are properly separated. Our advisors will ensure that remote access is secure and protected from potential threats and vulnerabilities. We will make sure that we get the correct disaster recover plan in place to prepare your business for continuous access to your network and valuable information.


We do this by following a structured three step process:


  • Identify who has the keys to the kingdom and what role they have within the company
  • Measure your ability to respond to an incident
  • Understand how long it will take to respond to an incident
  • Document what information is being stored and the steps to accessing this information


  • Repair areas that are vulnerable to critical breaches
  • Develop a strategy that will allow for easy access
  • Educate the administrator on how to access and grant access to this information


  • Closely monitor who has access and how that access is used
  • Verify that the data is protected
  • Provide you with the assistance needed in order to maintain control over your system


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Did you know?


of security incidents in corporate information systems were due to the use of weak passwords.


of the root causes for data breaches are attributable to Human Error.


of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities in 2013 could be mitigated by removing admin rights.

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