Case Study: Insurance Industry Assessment


15 months after a sizable merger, Z&Z Insurance Brokerage*, with 200 employees spread over 5 offices, faced regular critical system outages and malware attacks that threatened business operations, reputation, employee morale and required significant costs outside of budget.

Senior management brought in Kalki to review their technology platforms from top to bottom, evaluate ongoing vulnerabilities and recommend ways to dramatically improve system reliability. With a slim IT staff and reliance on vendors, Z&Z* brought in Kalki to provide agile leadership and conduct a strategic assessment in order to transform the technology culture from reactive to pro-active.



  • Combining separate environments from merger
  • Technology slowdowns
  • Network Interruptions and access issues
  • Inconsistent patch management
  • Small IT Department


  • Lost Productivity
  • Network downtime
  • Lost revenues
  • Threatened brand image and reputation


Kalki worked with the CFO and Director of Operations to understand the background and designed an assessment program that met business objectives without interfering with day-to-day operations.

Kalki then performed a comprehensive assessment of the client’s network, devices, and applications for security vulnerabilities measured against globally recognized best practices. This included both technical assessments and personnel security tests that simulated attacks from both inside and outside the organization.



Kalki’s testing unveiled existing vulnerabilities:

  • Under-utilization of existing technologies
  • Lack of change management processes
  • Heavy reliance on 3rd party vendors with limited oversight
  • Unstable network connectivity
  • Overuse of administrative privileges
  • Severely limited monitoring activities
  • No perimeter security or intrusion detection
  • No patch management
  • 80 vulnerabilities found on external IP addresses

The Road Ahead

Kalki ARMed Z&Z Insurance Brokerage* with knowledge about their current situation. They provided the client with a detailed report of all deficiencies as well as an executive summary that identified trends for presentation to board level representatives with each identified vulnerability ranked and prioritized.

Kalki provided a step-by-step roadmap designed to help them implement a reliable and consistent SecurITy solution to empower Z&Z* to perform at its best.

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Key facts


  • Industry: Insurance
  • Regulations: Financial Services & HIPAA
  • Costly technology outages
  • Inconsistent IT management and processes


  • Technology Assessment
  • Personnel Security Awareness Test
  • Phishing and Malware Campaigns
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Roadmap Development


  • Approximately 80 external vulnerabilities identified
  • Approximately 24,000 internal vulnerabilities identified
  • Personnel Security Awareness Test revealed need for immediate user education




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