Vulnerability Assessment

What is it?

Vulnerabilities are the weakness in a system or process that have the potential to be exploited. When exploited, these vulnerabilities can cause a problem or have an impact to your business. Vulnerabilities can be reduced, eliminated or managed. But, only as long as you know about them!

Our vulnerability assessments will examine the systems and business processes you use to find those weaknesses. Not only will this assessment provide you an understanding of where you are currently at risk for intrusion or data loss, but it will provide you actionable steps for improving your position. We will give you realistic advice about which vulnerabilities need to be removed, reduced by implementing countermeasures or those which can be accepted based on your business strategy, appetite for risk and budget.

Who needs one?

  • Any business that collects PII (if you’re not sure what that is, check out our infographic)
  • Companies entering into business relationships where 3rd party security testing is necessary
  • Companies that have recently grown, or are growing (it is very easy for growth to outpace the IT’s ability to maintain or redesign the internal network to fit increasing needs)

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