Personnel Security Awareness Testing

What is it?

Have you ever opened an email you weren’t sure about? Or clicked a link that you weren’t familiar with? Has one of your employees? It’s important to know, not just guess, what high risk behaviors your employees are engaging in. This assessment measures the risk your employees pose to your business.

We start by determining the range of possible threats your business is exposed to, basically how someone from the outside could get in. Then we test your employees, or a subset of employees, by exposing them to our harmless version of this threat. Finally, we assess the likelihood of occurrence and the impact each threat could potentially have to the business and provide a prioritized roadmap for reducing your business’ risk.

Common threats include:

  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing
  • Spyware or Adware
  • Malicious Emails
  • Low employee awareness or understanding of policies and procedures
  • Inappropriate storage or transmission of sensitive or confidential data

Who needs one?

  • Businesses that have suffered technology outages due to virus outbreaks.
  • Businesses which are subject to government regulations including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.
  • Businesses that collect PII.

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