High Level Technology Security Assessment

What is it?

Our High-Level Security Assessments can give you a big picture view of where security issues exist in the technology side of your business. You will get a broad overview of what areas present your biggest security problems. All of our assessments follow internationally recognized security frameworks and standards.

This assessment will look into your company’s:

  • Information security policies and procedures
  • Compliance to government regulations
  • Procedures for incident management and business continuity
  • Access controls
  • Information technology tools and usage

Once the areas of concern have been identified, we give you a clear map for improvement. 

Who needs one?

  • Businesses looking to merge with or acquire another business may want to conduct a High Level Technology Security Assessment prior to completing a deal.
  • Businesses subject to government regulations regarding information security.
  • Businesses with clients request 3rd party security assessments.

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